• Line Dalile

    Line Dalile

    18. Blogger #HuffPost. Poet. Golfer. Advocate for youth voices in education.Curious individual.

  • Peter Fodroczy

    Peter Fodroczy

  • Stacey Redmond

    Stacey Redmond

  • Nerijus Tilvikas

    Nerijus Tilvikas

    I have over 10 years of experience working on digital products, managing development and marketing teams. I provide expertise in the adtech & digital media

  • Laura Melahn

    Laura Melahn

    Marketing Partner at GV.

  • Jon Wirt

    Jon Wirt

  • Patricia Chang

    Patricia Chang

    Cofounder/Product Lead, Scoot & Doodle. Create. Collaborate. Learn.

  • Justin Warren

    Justin Warren

    Framing the question. Questioning the frame.

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